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Imagine browsing the lifestyle catalog and choosing. Of course, no lifestyle is appropriate to you. He has to resonate with you. Choosing the right one is a mentally demanding decision (direct super decision). Through lifestyle, however, we get a list of guidelines, values, attitudes and instructions how to behave, how to live, how to think. What lifestyle do we represent and what could inspire you?

Inspiring people is more important than telling them WHO and WHO to do exactly. Through the inspiration to show people the reasons WHY do something and start doing and they also often find themselves a way as something to achieve and what is feasible. How do we all try to inspire you in our mission? For example, life attitudes such as the strong body forms a strong spirit and forms a strong and intelligent mind
a strong man is hard to kill and a smart hard to deceive.

Force without intelligence is destructive , intelligence without power is inoperative
we become strong not through study and planning but through imperfect effort, persevering effort and multi-year practice (our own judgment)
self-actualization (movement, value, thought, education, other) is the basis of physical and mental hygiene and without it you would not even ”
self-realization is the highest form of exercising their mental capabilities in real life and the only way to expand the possibilities of their influence on the near or far environment
the amount of effort is not always a measure of success, but the ideas and the achieved goals are yes, with new better abilities being the fruit of our successful conduct
have in our hearts the ideal of the world in which we want to live, our own vision and our own inner world is more important than what we see through our eyes and what we hear through our ears (and ourselves)
and the most important is

Discovering myself and what I can and what I am capable of is exactly the way for a better version of myself that I want to follow (not a goal). I do not want to be just a bunch of distorted thoughts and uncontrollable emotions , because every misery is always the result of bad thoughts . Only thanks to myself will I get what I ” deserve” from life . And just because of my thoughts, life shows me who I am, because I do not draw to myself what I want but what I am myself. And when I happen I directly influence itand what I get from my life . My visions and ideals are a promise of what one day I will become .

Does it make sense to you about the attitudes to a lifestyle that we are consciously or unconsciously choosing? We live at a time when not all things we normally see are normal . The number of mental disorders, neuroses and frequent mental problems in our society suggests that for many people today it is difficult to integrate into society and create a stable lifestyle that brings them pleasure. Most of us want to have guidelines and rules that will free us from chaos (especially thought). From the chaos that is otherwise in the company where we can observe:

Do we have a chance to influence these things? Just barely, but indirectly certain. That is why most of us want to have a stable lifestyle that gives life not only meaning but also order . Order in mind (in mind) but also in physical space, because the offer of over-selection or even negative news is in every life area simply paralyzing . And the offer of choice or negative incentives is multiplied every year.

However, choosing from a thoughtful catalog of lifestyles is not easy. We do not like any kind of lifestyle and therefore it is a demanding super decision . We are looking for a style (a way to bring our existence into order ) that will fit our particular temperament and our abilities, visions or dreams. We are looking for heroes or celebrities ( ideals ) that we could partially or completely imitate. The lifestyle starter is like a woman who scrolls through the pages of a fashion magazine and looks for a suitable dress according to her taste or tastes purely cibri. When we choose our lifestyle, we often do not realize it. We do not even decide clearly and suddenly, and many times we accept multiple lifestyles. What does lifestyle choices imply?

Lifestyle is not only a superficial interest in appearance (clothing, hairstyle, fashion, others), brand recognition (automobile, computer, other), pet selection, music genres or other entities. Lifestyle forming only the outer forms of behavior, but also values and attitudes , which see not, but according to which we act and meaning . The right lifestyle introduces super-order (directives) into our mental life . It brings social guides and moral patterns of behavior that help us put order into consciousness because they narrow down the choices,which is a great deal. And that paralyzes us. Conversely, if lifestyle does not help to mislead the order, it creates chaos and space for mental or mental disorders . What effects do your lifestyle make in your life?

To change your lifestyle does not mean that you are changing one fashion style of dressing for another. It’s about how you think about yourself ( identity ), about what you are human ( character ), what you believe ( values ), what you accept and what not ( morality ). The right lifestyle is to bring solid health, a lot of energy for self-realization, and a high degree of adaptability to constant and accelerating change in the world or around the world. This is true not only for adults but also for children if they want to succeed in the future. Lifestyle is the PRINCIPE that organizes our lives.

Part of the lifestyle is also a patch into some subcultures (one or more) that highlight our identity or allow it to form it . If we do not get anywhere, we’ll have a feeling of loneliness and oddness . If we belong, we feel we are part of something bigger than we are, which brings us satisfaction . Each of us wants to belong and profess high-quality values that are not against our conviction . The chosen lifestyle “dictates”, what ideas, personalities, products, commodities, attitudes to our lifestyle belong to and which are no longer. Part of the lifestyle include:

Today, the media and businesses are deliberately creating a variety of lifestyles, which are then publicly presented through fast-paced celebrities (superstars) or by various well-known celebrities they can pay for. When they build a lifestyle, it is like all the right companies to market and find for them customers because such a lifestyle includes many of the goods and services you need right away. Consider what all your lifestyle (no) needs, for example, such as Hipster , which (not) features how to (not) manage, what (not) buy, who (not) recognizes. And what about Crossfiter or Rockerka, Modelka and others?

Once we choose the lifestyle (or us), we work hard to build it, and on the contrary, we must protect it from being threatened, because we believe that if something threatens / casts doubt on our lifestyle or thinking, it is as if they even questioned ourselves . If something makes us think about our own lifestyle, we feel bad. We see how it forces us to change not only ourselves, but also the idea of ??ourselves ( the identity crisis ). And this is elegantly influenced by movies, the media and social networks, which are largely driven by wealthy companies that want to put into your life a “order” that they especially like. They create lifestyles for us, and with them they sell us directly or indirectly everything that belongs to such a lifestyle.

How to Enjoy Life

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Enjoying and enjoying your life is a great thing. After all, you can only spend your ‘living time’ once. Tips for learning to enjoy life and make the most of your ‘age’.

Stay in the now

Do you want to learn to enjoy life? Do not think about what happened yesterday or last month. Do not worry about what tomorrow next week or what next year crosses your path. Live in the here and now and enjoy it. Because, are you always busy with the past or the future? Then all the beautiful and fine things that play now pass by unnoticed. Too bad right? Enjoy this moment.


Clutter, mess and unnecessary stuff in the house cause chaos in your mind and life. Consequence? The mess can hinder you from enjoying your life because it actually works as a jammer. Disintegrate, therefore. Organize and spacious. Give away what is right and not used and do what is broken.

Cherish your social contacts

Learning to enjoy life also means having time and attention for your family, friends and the like. Because, a person is a social being who needs contact with others. That is determined evolutionarily. So meet, exchange experiences, share your knowledge, let your tears run free, listen, hug and enjoy your social contacts. It makes you happy and happy.

Forgive and let go

An argument, quarrel or bad experience can bring you out of balance. Just because something like that is not nice. You give a feeling. However, do not let yourself get stuck in it. There will be worrying and grinding. Because, that does not solve anything. It only makes you unhappy. It is better to give it a place. Talk it out, solve it, put it in perspective and let go. That contributes to learning to enjoy life. After all, you do not look into resentment.

Take new things

Taking new activities is not only fun and educational. It enriches your life and also contributes to enjoying your existence. In part because you stimulate your senses, enlarge your world, meet new people and so on. Do not you know what to do? Create a bucket list and get started with it. Or search via Google for fun, exciting, challenging and / or fascinating activities. There is really a lot to do.

Keep developing yourself

Do not sit back and wait behind the geraniums until something comes your way. Take matters into your own hands. Develop your hidden talents, increase your know-how, follow a course, start a new hobby and so on. Do not you know what makes you happy? Then ask yourself what you like to do as a child. Paint? Photographing? Dancing? Make music? Cook? Or step out of your comfort zone and do something crazy. For example, go bungee jumping …. Go fot it. You break the routine. Makes your life more exciting and it helps you to get more out of life and enjoy it.

Have an eye for the little things

Learning to enjoy life is also in the small daily things. That first self-written note of your little snowflakes, whirling at you, a warm smile from an unknown passer-by, that encouraged a pat on the back of a colleague. There are endless, fine, beautiful, small and pleasant things that you do not notice when you rush through life in a rush train. Slow down your step, see the little things and be happy with everything you do. A roof over your head, healthy food, health, family, family, friends, hobbies and so on.

More learning to enjoy life

Of course there are many other tips to give you how to get more out of your ‘age’. To celebrate beautiful and good news, no matter how small. Being positive in life, starting a thank you diary, banning energy keepers and embracing your energy, et cetera. In short, do you want to learn to enjoy? There are many possibilities. Take the first step and learn to enjoy your life bit by bit more.

What is Halloween?

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Centuries ago, CELTAS lived in Great Britain and Northern France.

Each year they celebrated the end of the “sun season” on October 31 and the beginning of the “darkness and cold season” on November 1.

According to legend, in these days the disembodied spirits of all had died the previous year, they returned the search of bodies to return to the life. Your only chance at life after death.

Of course, those who were alive did not want to be possessed, and so on October 31, they would extinguish the fire from their homes so that they would become cold and unwanted. They also dressed in macabre clothes and paraded through the villages emitting scary sounds to scare the spirits that sought their bodies.

During the first century, the Romans invaded Great Britain and adopted many of their customs.

The spread of Christianity in Europe did not make people forget their deepest rites and so the Catholic Church adopted November 1, as the day of all saints ( all hallow ) which means all that is consecrated.

Years later, the Church determined that on November 2, the day of all souls would be celebrated , to honor the dead. On this day, great fires were lit and people dressed in saints or angels or devils.

Throughout the centuries, all these customs were mixed and the 31 of October happened to be known like Day of All Hallow Eve , Hallow’s Eve , Hallowe’en to then become Halloween.

This is a well-known and celebrated custom in the United States that was taken by Irish immigrants around 1840

Trick or treat

Already the story of ” Trick’O’Treating, ” very common in English-speaking countries, can be traced back to the earliest celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Britain.

The poorest people knocked on the doors of the wealthy asking for something to eat.
On this day, a ” cakes for souls ” was being prepared , in which the beggars pledged to pray for the dead in exchange for food.

Over time, the custom changed and the poor children of the cities went door to door looking for apples, cakes and money.

During the days of the conquest of the American West, housewives jokingly gave candy, candy and fruit to children so they would not be “cheated.”

That’s why the kids scream ” trick or treating ” or “a candy or a trick.”

Are women into Muscular Guys

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What is your motivation to keep yourself fit and build muscle? I think from a deep, often subconscious level, all men are poled to build muscle to attract women. While this is obviously not the only reason, it is still a reason that I would like to elaborate on in this article!

Do women stand on muscles?
When it comes to the attractiveness of men over women, male fitness is an important feature. Many men are unaware of the impact their body has on women.

So watch out, here comes the unadorned truth.

Women are naturally attracted to strong men! This suggests that this strength also relates to the physical strength of the man.
When trying to find out what attracts women to a man’s strength, it is the feeling of security that goes with the muscles. The question ” are women on muscle? “Therefore answers itself – yes they do!

Men hunted and fought – women collected berries and kept the children
In any case, only a few hundred years ago, it was believed that men with muscle could protect women and fulfill their need for security. Today, the world looks very different.

Muscles and physical strength give a woman a sense of security only to a very limited extent, namely, when she is in a life-threatening situation.

But how often does this happen today?

The share of physical fitness in the attraction that a man induces in a woman has sometimes been very low. In extreme cases, it even causes aversion in women, but in the next paragraph more.

It used to be muscle and strength – what values ??are important today?
The world has evolved in such a way that today’s values, such as social prestige, financial security, and generally the ability to live a good life, provide a woman with the greatest possible security. Looking at what the world is ruling today, it’s intelligence, humor and the ability to deal with life’s difficulties with confidence and confidence.

If a man is overly muscular, women often put him in the drawer, because he just lacks these qualities and he tries to compensate them with physical strength.

women stand on muscles
So should you refrain from fitness training and muscle building?
Clear no! An instinct is anchored in all of us humans that makes us want to breed and leave something in the world. A woman, just like a man, feels the need to make good and healthy children, because in a healthy body is usually a healthy mind and healthy genes .

If you use fitness training to be attractive to women, then it is important not to adopt extreme forms. In most cases women are attracted to muscle mountains. Nor are women but also on men who do not care about their appearance and are excessively thin or fat .

Men who do not care about their appearance signal women that they are not interested in their own physical health. Thus, not to give a woman security. Even if this picture is not always true, this is at least the subconscious view in a woman.

She often thinks about how long her husband lives with an unhealthy body and how long he can give her “safety” at all. She also projects her husband’s state of health into the need for security, if she wants to start a family with him and give birth to children.

Health and fitness in a man are therefore important for the security needs of a woman, which is usually intuitive in her runs. Basically, therefore, one could argue that a woman intuitively chooses a man who looks “fit and healthy” rather than someone who is overweight or underweight.
TIP: So start today with the muscle training and get one of our best training plans here now!

Do women stand on muscles? Yes! Do women stand for muscular extreme forms? No, because they tend to do the opposite. So the primary goal should be to get and maintain a fit, healthy, and aesthetic body, and to do so you have to train regularly and hard , and eat healthy.

Stay Fit and Healthy During Vacation

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Sport on vacation? No thanks! Then it’s better to lie on the beach lazy for 2 weeks and sip ice cream, pizza and lots of cocktails – sounds good? But in the long run not only boring, but also pure stress for our muscles. In this post you will find 5 tips on how you as an athlete, with a lot of fun, even under the palm trees guaranteed to stay fit!

Should you let yourself go on vacation?
I would like to tell you a short story. Last spring I made strict diet for 8 weeks. I ate exactly as planned and went to the gym at least 3 days a week.

Eating so few calories every day was really torture, but in the end I lost 8 kilograms and lost 10 cm in circumference. I reached a really good beach figure including six pack . I did not feel as well as I did in a long time!

But then came the holiday – 2 weeks we went to Tuscany, where we stayed in an all-inclusive hotel!

Mentally, I was set to just let me go. After the hard diet, just no sports and eating what my stomach felt like. There was pizza, pasta and lots of ice cream on the daily menu.

It was not a problem for the first 3 days, but then I felt worse and worse and I noticed how my body slowly but surely began to put the calories back into the fat deposits.

After about a week, I had again 3 kilograms more on the hips and as the holiday came to an end, I had almost reached my old form again. Little recovered and very depressed, I finally came home after 2 weeks.

CONCLUSION: 2-3 days just let go and eat what you feel like is certainly no problem. However, I would recommend you to stay active on holiday and to pay a little attention to the diet!

Some helpful tips, which I now also use on vacation, I’ll tell you in the next paragraph!

5 tips on how to stay fit under palm trees
Tip 1 – book a sports hotel
If you do not want to do without muscle training on holiday, you should book a sports hotel . There you also have the opportunity to exercise in the in-house gym. You can train your stamina in the swimming pool or on the tennis court.

To make sure that the hotel meets your own requirements, you should visit the corresponding website or call the reception directly before booking. Because especially when professional weight training is operated, certain devices must be available to train all muscle groups ideal.

Tip 2 – Sporty – instead of lying lazy on the beach
For most people, vacation on the beach means lazy lying around and doing nothing. For hours, let the skin sizzle in the sun. The beach and the sea offer so many great opportunities to be active in sports!

It can be a very special experience to jog through the sand in the early morning by the sea . In this dreamlike setting many athletes forget the effort and just enjoy the view. Thus, the run on the beach is a perfect start to the day.

Even swimming in the sea or in the pool of the hotel can be a good alternative workout. However, that does not mean splashing with friends. Rather, you should try to swim constantly for half an hour.

Beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis, badminton or water polo, are just a few more athletic examples of how you can stay fit on the beach under the palm trees!

Sports on vacation
Tip 3-Exercisewith your own body weight
Although most hotels offer a “gym”, but there are usually no more than a few crosstrainer or a rowing machine . You can also train your muscles with a little imagination and your own body weight.

The big advantage of this is that the training is also possible on the road and can therefore be integrated into the holiday in a very practical way. Some exercises that can easily be done with your own body weight are:

Leg training: sprints in the sand, squats with a heavy backpack
Back training: pull-ups on a branch , rowing bent forward with two filled pockets
Breast training: pushups, dips between two sturdy chairs
Shoulder training: side lifts or front lifts with two filled beverage bottles
Triceps: dips between two sturdy chairs, tight pushups
Bicep training: bicep curls with a stone or branch
Abdominal training: sit-ups, folding knives, leg raises hanging from a branch Etc,..

Tip 4 – Explore the region with a bike tour
On holiday it can be a lot of fun to explore the region with friends or partner on a bicycle. You can enjoy the sun and nature and discover new places. By the way, one is then also active in sports. Supplied calories are burned so quickly and you stay fit while on vacation!

It is also not necessary to take a bike from home. Just inform yourself in advance if your hotel also lends bicycles. For long distances and longer trips especially e-bikes are recommended!

Tip 5 – Pay attention to your protein intake during your vacation
On vacation, most are consumed in amounts of carbohydrates and fats. High-quality proteins are often in short supply.

To protect the strength athletes, the muscles before muscle breakdown during an extended vacation, so it is always an advantage a high-quality Proteinpulve r to have in his luggage. Personally, therefore, I do not forgo my delicious protein shake on holiday!

Best Places To Visit In Europe

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The Most Amazing Cities in the Europe to Visit.

1- Madrid
We propose you to start this trip through Europe from the capital of Spain .

It is a city that in recent years is having a great tourist boom, and the best we can say is that those who visit it fall in love with it because of its great and cozy atmosphere.

Despite its large size, Madrid is a very comfortable city to visit as most of its heritage and places of interest are in its historic center.There are several places declared a World Heritage Site in the surroundings of Madrid that can be visited in one day.

The most prominent corner that we consider a mandatory visit that you must include in your trip through Europe, dedicating it one day is the medieval city of Toledo known as “the city of 3 cultures”, a place where Christians, Jews and Christians lived together.
But there are two other day trips that also stand out, such as the majestic monastery of El Escorial and the historical cities of medieval origin of Ávila , with its wall, or Segovia , with its huge Roman aqueductand the Alcazar .

2- Barcelona
The modernist city of Barcelona is one of the most fashionable in the world, and rightly so.

It is 600 km from Madrid, but less than an hour by plane with flights almost every hour, although you can also go on the fast train (AVE) that arrives in three hours.

Compare the prices of the two options, because depending on the date it may be cheaper one or the other.

It is the land where Gaudi made some of his masterpieces that attract millions of visitors and that make up the unique urbanism of the city of Barcelona, ??where the impressive Sagrada Familia stands out .

But there are also many other highlights such as the Gothic Quarter and its Gothic cathedral or the beautiful Cathedral of the Sea .

It is also located in a spectacular enclave as is the Mediterranean coast , which favors a spectacular climate throughout the year.

3- Rome
From Barcelona there are frequent flights to Rome, so in less than 2 hours you will be in the historic Roman city.

Capital of one of the most important empires in the history of mankind , Rome retains an impressive heritage.

It seems a miracle that after more than 2000 years colossal buildings such as the Roman Colosseum or the Pantheon of Agrippa have reached our days .

Rome is huge and you need a minimum of 2 days since you also have to include the visit of the Vatican .

These visits also usually include the entrances to all the monuments that you are going to know, and this way you save yourself having to wait for queues to enter and speed up your visit.

4- Florence
Florence is another of those cities in Italy that certainly can not miss a trip to Europe .

It is the birthplace of the Renaissance and one of those cities that gives you more than you expected and to which you would return without hesitation.

From Rome it is best to go by train, whose ticket costs about 30 euros, and in just over an hour you are in the center of Florence.

To visit Florence in depth you need two days, and as in Rome, it is advisable to start your visit by signing up for a guided tour in Spanish that puts you in context of what you are seeing so you can make the most of the time

5- Venice
Venice is the city of the canals , where there are no cars but boats, and which you find a little over 500 kilometers from Rome.

To travel to Venice from Florence there are several options, since you can go by car, train or plane, but if you are short on time, ideally the last two options.

Always at the top of tourists, this is understandable because Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.

The Piazza San Marco , with its beautiful Basilica of Byzantine style , and the Grand Canal are the two main axes of your visit, which you can round off a gondola ride through the canals .

6- Berlin
To follow the proposed route, you have to do it by plane, since it is the fastest way to get to the center of Europe.

In little more than an hour and a half you would arrive in Berlin , and in two hours to Amsterdam .

Visiting the capital of Germany would require you to dedicate it at least two days, so it is an option to consider only in the case of a long trip.

Here you have the most important places to see in Berlin , as well as information about tours and excursions you can do in the German capital.

On this route we will not include other very important Central European cities, such as Prague , Budapest or Vienna , but also Warsaw , Krakow or Munich , whose great tourist interest justifies a route through the center of Europe on another trip to the continent.

7- Amsterdam
After visiting Venice, you will see that Amsterdam is a city that also stands out for its canals, but with a style very different from that of the Italian city, and in an area of ??Europe where it is very difficult to see a hill.

Amsterdam is one of the world’s cities with the least restrictive laws in aspects that in other countries are condemned with the death penalty.

But there is more of this factor that is so linked to your image, Amsterdam is an incredible city full of flowers and mills between channels, and where among other attractions you have the Van Goth Museum , essential visit if you like the work of this artist.

It is also one of the cities in the world where the environment is most cared for in the world, in which bicycles and boats are the kings of streets and canals.

Another advantage is that you are in one of the regions of Europe best communicated by train, which allows you to arrive quickly and comfortably to other Dutch cities, such as The Hague , in even the very near Belgium .

It is also worth spending a day to see other places near the capital where you can see rural Holland, such as Volendam, Zaanse Schans or Giethoor .

8- Bruges and Ghent
Bruges and Ghent are two fairy tale cities, with monuments and corners with great charm.

These are relatively small cities where canals and bicycles are also very important.

Each of them you can visit in a day, although in Belgium there are other cities that are also worth knowing, such as Antwerp , the university Louvain and, of course, the Grand Place in Brussels .

9- Paris
What are we going to say about Paris , the city ??of love , the Eiffel Tower , the Louvre Museum and a thousand other charming places that make year after year the cities most visited by travelers.

Of course, in Paris you should not miss a cruise on the Seine river .

If you come from the region of Flanders , the best way to get to Paris is by train, since in a short time you will find yourself in the center of the French capital where gastronomy also occupies a prominent place.

10- London
And as the end of the route, we recommend ending the trip in London , which is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in Europe.

Crossing from the mainland to Great Britain means taking you to another vision of Europe, where you will be struck by driving on the left.

Those red double-decker buses, the classic telephone cabins of the same color, and their iconic monuments make London a special city.

There are many small details of everyday life that will draw your attention, as well as emblematic places such as the Tower of London , the nearby Tower Bridge , the Big Beng , Buckingham Palace or institutions such as the British Museum .

How to Lose Fat Fast

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Many people with obesity often have the ugly fat desire to lose weight fast to being overweight not only restricts your own quality of life, it is also extremely unhealthy for the whole body! With the following 7 tips people with obesity can lose weight fast and healthyand thus do something good for their body!

Is fast weight loss possible in people with a strong overweight ?
The good news is: yes it is possible! The higher the body fat, so the more overweight you are, the faster the body will lose fat!

The prerequisites for the body to break down fat are always the same: a healthy diet combined with a calorie deficit.

To reach a calorie deficit , there are some good strategies and tips. You will find out about six of them here, so be sure to read on …

Healthy and fast weight loss with these 7 tips!
TIP 1 lose weight quickly – choose the right appetizer
20 minutes before each big meal I recommend you to eat a piece of fruit. For example, a banana or an apple. In addition you drink half a liter of water , whereby your stomach is filled and the satiation feeling enters faster.

If you then eat your meal 20 minutes later, you will automatically be less hungry. This method is simple but very effective!

TIP 2 quickly – first the vegetables, then the pleasure
For every meal, you should eat a medium-sized portion of vegetables. You eat the vegetables at the beginning and only when the vegetable plate is empty, it goes to the rest of the meal.

Vegetables basically have very few calories, but a lot of volume. Your stomach will be pre-saturated a bit and you will automatically eat less of the rest of the (higher-calorie) meal.

TIP 3 lose weight fast and healthy – find hidden calories
A meal can still be so healthy and low in calories if a fat sauce floats over it. Pay extra attention to the sauce selection. Butter and cooking oil usually hide here.

TIP: Sauces that you can eat without hesitation are: tomato sauces, basil or Arrabiata sauces.

TIP 4 fast weight loss Step by Step
Change your diet gradually. Do not worry Healthy foods can taste as good as unhealthy ones. You just have to trust yourself . Here you can find delicious fitness recipes .

Foods that you can eat without hesitation, but also in moderation, are: rice, wholegrain bread, vegetables and fruits, wholemeal pasta, potatoes, beans and lentils, oatmeal, eggs, fish.

On the other hand, the following foods should be absolutely taboo for you: bacon, sausage, cheese, sweets, finished products, fast food.

TIP 5 lose weight quickly – Do not worry about calorie information
Watch out for the calories! Many people believe that calorie information requires a doctorate in chemistry. On the contrary!

If you often take a look at the calorie information, you will get a good feeling after a short time which products contain many calories and which ones little.

As time goes by, you will learn the calorie information in the subconscious. Over time you have to look less and less often for the calorie information.

TIP 6 Quickly – Get out of your comfort zone
If you want to lose weight fast, you have to get out of your comfort zone! In everyday life, there are many ways to burn extra calories and to program the metabolism for fat loss.

Examples are:
Take the stairs more often than the elevator.
Walk for shopping instead of driving.
Conduct a short training session in front of the TV, for example on the home trainer.
Put on your sportswear, put on your sunglasses and jogging in sunny warm weather loosely around the houses.
Do sports on vacation .
Ride your bike to work instead of driving.

TIP 7 – fast weight loss with natural appetite suppressants (fat burners)
All the above points can be perfectly combined with natural appetite suppressants. But what do I mean by that?

Natural appetite suppressants are, for example, bitter drinks such as green tea. One, two cups of organic green tea always helps me very well to avoid or neutralize food cravings .

There are also fat burners . These products do not actively burn fat, but they are designed to inhibit appetite and boost metabolism. In combination with the above tips, fat burners can be a helpful supplement!

You want to become leaner, sportier and healthier? Then live the fitness lifestyle outside of the gym and do not always choose the easiest way, because if you want to lose weight quickly, the following applies: Every calorie burned counts……

Yoga for Lower Back

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Many people find yoga because they want to do something good for their backs.

I think that back problems are one of the common diseases in world and almost every now and then pain in the back feels. The tension can be caused by driving a long time or sitting in front of the computer, but also due to stress or psychological causes. So I think it’s great that there are so many exercises in yoga that can help mobilize, strengthen and stretch the back muscles and so relieve back pain.

The practice the needle eye does the lower back especially well

Yoga exercises for the lower back
This exercise of the tiger strengthens your back: Come to the quadruped stand and stretch your right arm and your left leg diagonally apart. After that, of course, on the other side too

Adjustment of more power in the middle of the body

My favorite exercise to relax after the tiger: the position of the child to relax, let go and relax.

So relaxing !!! This adjustment in the position of the child

In these four days I have learned new adjustments for the individual yoga exercises, which I like to use when teaching my yoga classes. This will also give you an insight into which adjustments are possible in which yoga exercises.

Trigger Point Massage at Yoga Personal Training
In our training, we also got an insight into the Trigger Point massage and how we can integrate them into the Yoga Personal Training. An example shows Holger Zapf in the exercise the dove:

Adjustment in the yoga exercise the pigeon

By changing the two yoga postures forward and straight back, you can easily perceive the alternation of relaxation and tension in the back.

Feel the relaxation in the back in the forward bend:

Prevent with Assist to let go and relax

Now feel the tension and strengthening in the back in the yoga exercise straighter back:

Yoga exercise straight back with assist to feel the length in the back

Did you notice the difference between tension and relaxation? How did it feel in your back?

It has been proven that regular exercise against back pain can best help.

So my tip for you: Choose 3-4 yoga exercises, eg from the exercises I have presented today and do them every day. In addition, it is important that you attend a yoga class with a well-qualified yoga teacher at least once a week to ensure that you are doing the yoga exercises properly and enjoy the assists and adjustments.

The back muscles close up
I really learned a lot from anatomy expert Holger Zapf during these 4 days on yoga therapy for the back. I understand his explanations of partially complex topics very well and I think it’s great that he has a competent answer to all questions from the over 20 trainees. The anatomy of the back and the theory of the muscles in the lower back I found this time particularly exciting. In order to perceive and feel the muscles not only in theory but also in practice, we grouped and taped the individual muscles in the group work. This is the result on my back.

Yoga in Portugal

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Without great expectations, I went to Lisbon last week to a kind of urban yoga retreat: three hours of yoga daily, super sweet accommodation and a lot of free time in the city. To be honest, I was a bit anxious and sad in advance, because my friend, who actually wanted to come, canceled at short notice and I’m not a “single traveler”. Well, I thought.

Arriving in Lisbon, I was thrilled first by the accommodation in the middle of the old town – the Artbeat Rooms are like a large shared apartment, where everyone has their own room and you share bathrooms and kitchen. Absolutely charming, clean and each room is individually designed. In the evening I got to know the first girls and the yoga teacher for the next few days and was already relieved: Everyone was very nice and sympathetic and I could not wait for the first morning with yoga.

Every day, three hours of Yoga. The hours have just gone by: In addition to the classic sun salutations, asanas, meditation and the practice of hand and forearm also has a great deal to tell of Lisbon,what yoga means simply the perfect way to start the day before exploring the city. Completely relaxed, physically demanding and: super hungry! There was a brunch / lunch in a restaurant near the yoga studio and our accommodation, where after a short shower for the day you could strengthen yourself and forged plans for the rest of the day.

That Lisbon has so much to offer and is just incredibly beautiful I would never have expected. It was my first time in town and I must honestly confess I did not know what to do or see before. I have felt in part as if I were in Paris, San Francisco, Berlin or Rio – always in a positive way. The architecture is so impressive that at times I just wanted to walk around the city and see the buildings. The food is – no matter which small kiosk outstanding and the atmosphere in the evening so inviting on the streets that you want to sit down in every restaurant. Everywhere music is played, laughed and eaten and drunk until the morning. Of course, I did not do that for quite a while, but I was even more surprised

Time Out Market

As good as in Lisbon, by the way, I have not eaten for a long time either: in the evening we always ordered everything from the card, which made us laugh. Actually, I’m absolutely not a Sharingyp, in which case it was just perfect: you wanted to somehow try everything and a bit of each and we are every evening ball round, full and happy fallen into bed. Also, the canceled flight on the third day was pretty quickly forgotten when we left our luggage at the hotel again and followed the other girls through the narrow streets to a small eatery.

One thing is certain: Three days of Lisbon are definitely too short, but the short trip as Yogaretreat was absolutely perfect for getting to know a city. This is the first time I have participated in an “urban yoga trip” and would absolutely do it again immediately. No matter if you pack alone, as a couple or even all your girls, you are in very good hands, have a permanent contact person for everything that could be up, have fixed yoga classes and can explore the city the rest of the time. For me a perfect combination! And: In the end, I’m incredibly happy to have flown alone, because somehow the new friendships that have been closed in such a short time have felt like old connections. Uncomplicated, inspiring, full of surprises, laughing moments and simultaneous (inner) rest.

If you have been thinking for some time (or just being inspired) to do a yoga retreat: Do it! If not now then when? It does not always have to be the classic 7-day in a secluded place with only yoga and meditation. (Although such retreats are also incredibly exciting and rewarding!) There are so many different trips where there is something for everyone. I booked my trip through Yogatravel & Beyond , which offers a lot of different options in different countries and among other things on the 14th of July in Munich the Yogacircus with organize – that has already been determined as a revival of our group! Maybe for one or the other something for you.

How to do a Headstand

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Learning a headstand is much easier than most think. A little bit (well, much) Power, balance and the right technique: that’s all it takes to learn one of the most intense inversions. Before you swing your feet up into the air, make one thing conscious: Not the head carries you, but especially the arm and shoulder muscles. This means that it is especially important to train and train them accordingly. If too much weight is placed on the head, it can cause neck problems and of course headaches.

In my opinion, one of the best exercises to prepare for the headstand is the dolphin.
Take forearm support position (make sure the shoulders are pulled away from the ears, no hollow back and the butt should be at the same height of the shoulders)Slowly push your hips up, keeping my stretched, stomach tense Hold the position, slowly return to the forearm support and repeat 8-10 times After some time (I would recommend the exercises 3-4 times a week for at least 4 weeks) your muscles feel fit enough to dare to headstand? Grab a mat, come to the quadruped stand put your head down (the head crown is on the ground, not the forehead!)
clasp your head with your hands place your elbows shoulder width, your hands take the position of the elbows, the head remains in the same place Lift your legs and lower your knees on the lower arm Slowly pull your feet up with your abdominal muscles
Lift the legs off the forearms and slowly pull them up, bent over The first few times your legs should stay at 90 ° until you feel really safe.

Have you already found your balance and do not have to balance in between? Is the weight mostly in the arms and shoulders and not on the head? Does the exercise feel good?
Can you answer all questions with “yes!” It goes on:
From the 90 ° degree position, the legs are now fully extended, the whole body is a line, make sure not to make a hollow back and tense the belly.
Another variant is the filed forearms, which we already know from the starting position. For me personally, this arm position feels better and more controlled, but that is individual and different for everyone. Best to try out what feels best for you. By the way, to have the maximum safety, it is always advisable to have a second person with you: For posture corrections, balance difficulties or just as a motivation. If you practice alone, it makes sense to put the mat in front of a wall so that you do not fall backwards!

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