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What is Muscle Pain?

Did you get a really hard workout yesterday? But today everything hurts you? Muscle pain after exercise is not uncommon! This starts with a light and harmless sore muscle, but can also quickly develop into a torn muscle fiber that needs to be treated surgically. Therefore, you will learn in this post, what really helps you with acute muscle pain!

What muscle pain is it?
First, you should think about what muscle pains it is and where they come from. If you had a hard workout the day before, it will most likely be sore. If you fell or if you hit a heavy dumbbell on your thigh, then it can also be a muscle bruise.

But a torn muscle, a muscle spasm or muscular imbalances can cause aching muscles. What you can do about it you will learn in the following paragraphs.

Attention: If you are not sure or you can not explain to you where the pain is coming from then the best option is the way to the doctor!

Muscle pain no. 1 – the muscle soreness
In muscle soreness it comes through an overload of the muscles to small cracks in the muscle tissue. They occur especially after prolonged sports breaks or unfamiliar movements.

A sore muscle is basically harmless and disappears depending on the severity within one day to 2 weeks. If a sore muscle lasts longer than 2 weeks, then you should definitely consult a doctor! Also, you should note that hangover muscles are more prone to injury! Therefore: No training with sore muscles!

– What can you actively do with sore muscles?
Basically, if you constantly have strong muscle soreness after exercise, you should reduce the volume! The more sets you make and the heavier the weights, the stronger the muscle soreness will be.

My recommendation: The heavier the weights are and the more you go to your physical limits, the lower the number of sets per muscle group should be!

Once the muscle aches in the form of a sore muscle, however, once there, only helps one and indeed promote the blood circulation, thereby supporting the regeneration. Possibilities for this are:

Easy cycling or running,
Contrast showers,
progressive muscle relaxation ,
a sauna visit or a hot bath and
much sleep.

TIP: A proven home remedy for sore muscles is rubbing with rubbing alcohol , which usually contains mountain pine and / or menthol.

Muscle pain # 2 – the muscle spasm
Muscle cramps can have many causes, but athletes often experience muscle spasms after intensive and extensive muscle training. A good example here are footballers, they usually get in the last few minutes spasms in the leg muscles.

Normally muscle pain in the form of a muscle spasm is harmless and disappears again after a few seconds. However, convulsions that recur frequently should be examined by a doctor!

– What helps with muscle cramps?
Warm up before training, gentle stretching after exercise and regular massages can help prevent muscle spasms.
Also, you should always make sure that you drink a lot during muscle training. This is also important, among other things, to balance the electrolyte balance.
Although not scientifically proven, in some cases taking magnesium products over a long period of time can help prevent muscle spasms.

Muscle Pain # 3 – Muscular Dysbalance
The muscular dysbalance arises mainly through one-sided stress at work or in everyday life. It comes to bad postures and overloads with appropriate muscle tension. Muscular imbalances can also arise when muscles are exercised differently.

For example, if you regularly exercise your right biceps with more weights and repetitions than the left, you may end up with such muscular imbalances!

– What helps with a muscular imbalance?
Shortened muscles should be stretched regularly.
If you train the left and right sides of the body independently of each other, then you should always start with the weaker side and then make the same number of repetitions with the stronger side.
Massages and warmth can help against muscle aches and tension.

Muscle pain # 4 – Muscle bruise
The muscle bruise develops as a result of a shock or impact on the muscles and is manifested by a short and intense pain. This usually forms a hematoma (bruise) quickly.

If the muscle was strained, the bruise could be superficial . In a relaxed muscle, the bruise often reaches the bone and can be very painful!

– What helps with a muscle bruise?
Physicians recommend the immediate application of the PECH rule here :

P housing make
E is hang up
C. Create ompression / pressure bandage
H ochlagern
TIP: A proven home remedy for pain from a muscle bruise is rubbing in with an ointment consisting of comfrey, arnica and mountain pine!

Muscle pain # 5 – the torn muscle
A hamstring is a serious injury. This is often responsible for a lack of warm-up! The fibers of the muscle are then not only stretched, but torn and individual muscle cells are destroyed. It comes to a hemorrhage.

– Immediate measures for a hamstring are:
Immediate application of the PECH Rule described above and then to the doctor to have an ultrasound scan done . You can thereby distinguish a torn muscle from a muscle bruise.

The doctor then has to decide on the further treatment and on a possible operation!

Muscle aches are treatable! It is important to be clear about what muscle pain it is. If you are not sure, you should always consult a doctor.

Muscle pain can also be prevented mainly by not exercising blindly and overestimating itself hopelessly. Most muscle pain is caused by overloading or incorrect execution!

What to do after buying used Car

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When planning a purchase of a used car, leave $ 500-1000 in reserve to bring it to reason. Otherwise, you can get to more expensive repairs.

Today, the market for used cars is such that 70-80% of cars are sold by so-called dealers. Their main task – to buy a car cheaply, “submatured” its appearance, to turn the odometer and to sell more expensive. The newly-made car owners get a car in which anything at all can be broken at any time. To minimize the possibility of occurrence of such problems allows a number of preventive procedures.

Light engineering

Not all cars have a system for monitoring the serviceability of lamps for light devices, so after buying a car, you should check whether all the lights, headlights, stop lamps, turn signals and back stroke work.

If you purchased a machine with gas cylinder equipment, you should immediately apply to the service station with good specialists to check the correctness of the installation and settings of the HBO. This is very important because it can greatly affect the engine life.

By the way, it is desirable that the HBO should be equipped with reliable production gas nozzles and a steam fraction filter with a tank, which will further protect the nozzles in case of refueling with low-grade gas. And pay attention to which multi-valve is installed in the gas cylinder. If it does not have an electric valve that increases the safety of the HBO, it is better to replace the multi-valve.

Brake pads and discs

Brake discs – parts are expensive, so no one changes them when selling a car. In the best case, they can put the cheapest brake pads. Therefore, after purchase, you need to pay attention to the size of the outer collar on the brake disk.

If its height is about 1 mm or more, you must necessarily check the thickness of the discs and, if necessary, replace them . As for brake pads, the critical thickness of their friction layer is 2 mm. If less, the pads need to be replaced.


Automatic gearbox – The unit is very expensive, as in the case of a new purchase, and in case of repair. Its resource depends on aggressive operation of the car and the timely replacement of oil and filter in it. Many people forget the last procedure or simply ignore them.

Therefore, if you bought a car from an ACP that was never serviced, you may soon need expensive repairs. This is usually $ 1000. To save them in the family budget, we recommend replacing the oil and filter in the AKP without delaying – immediately after purchase.

Motor oil

Replacing the oil and oil filter in the engine is one of the main tasks. To do this, it’s best to pick up a product that has been licensed by your car manufacturer. Otherwise, according to the best practices of the automobile manufacturer, select the operational properties (API, ACEA) and viscosity (SAE).

Drive timing

Timing belt – one of the elements of the drive gas distribution mechanism, which, in case of untimely replacement, can cause many problems. Due to its breakage and, as a result, the meeting of pistons with valves, the overhaul of the engine can cost a small amount – from 10 000 UAH.

So if you do not have access to service information when you change the strap and rollers of the timing, they are better to replace them soon after the purchase.


Filters in the car (fuel, oil, air, salon) after buying a car also often require replacement .

We note that it is better to look for a cabin filter, which effectively cleans the air from the components of the exhaust gases of the adjacent or counter vehicles.

The hub in the suspension is a sign of the wear of any hinged joints (stabilizer racks, ball bearings, steering tips), silent blocks, stabilizer sleeves, servo bearings, and bearings and shock absorbers. But, in addition to knocking knots, problems can be added torn pivots SHRUs, racks stabilizer, steering tips.

For example, in order to disable SHRUS (a hinge of equal angular velocities), it is enough for one rainy day of trips with the torn saw of this knot. It is for these reasons that the car after car purchase should be carefully diagnosed .


The battery is a weak link. If he has already served his own, in winter frosts your engine may not start. Therefore, after purchasing a car, you should check its production date.

If he is more than 4-5 years old, then there is a high probability of failure. In the event of frost damage, it may be difficult to start a cold engine. Therefore, it is better to replace the battery pack.

Cooling liquid
For the working condition of the engine it is not enough to change oil and filters in it. There is still a coolant. In addition to non-freezing properties, it must have protection against corrosion of all parts of the engine to which it comes in contact. In order to prevent the engine from freezing in the winter, it is advisable to check the freezing point of antifreeze.

Brake fluid
Very often after the purchase of used cars it turns out that the brake fluid in them has never been changed. If you check the degree of humidity with a special tester, you can state: it already has so much moisture that it can boil in the first intense braking in warm weather, and in frost, there may be problems with the braking system through the formation of crystals of ice.

Importance of Home Gardening

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We all know that a nice garden can provide a paradise to our eyes …

Everyone today has a plant in the house he is concerned about, gives us joy and pleasure while watching the flower. Imagine a small garden that blooms thanks to you. Imagine how to drink warm tea surrounded by scent.

Although we are used to our gardens outside, people living in buildings are not able to plant directly into the ground. For them we have prepared several solutions to have a garden in the house.

If you are ready to take out a larger amount of money, we suggest you run to the florist and get the equipment you need, but you can have the perfect garden at home and at no cost.

If you have decided to edit your garden with little money, this is the right place for you.

First, decide what your garden will be, whether you will make flowers that will bring you visual pleasure or you want to have more benefits and your garden will be your little pot.

Choose a space, and to make your garden successful you have to respect the spaces that are necessary for plants. Choose a place that has windows and plenty of sunlight.

When you have planned all this, it is time to choose the plants you will plant. Look it up to be seasonal flowers, cacti, begonias …

Use everything that comes to your mind – plastic bottles, cans, egg shells, pots … Turn things into a modern garden that will impress everyone.

Use plastic bottles in a variety of ways, you can cut them by half and make a pottery, and you can sow in the upper part of the bottle that you then put in the bottom and thus save time on constant watering.

Use cans as pots, the best ones where you buy beans or corn, are not too narrow or too high. Simply paint them in various colors and for the moment you will have a ready place to plant your garden. You can put cans on the wall or simply place them on the table or shelf you’ve separated for the new garden.

The tiles you throw away can be decorative for your garden, and you can tie around decorative strip or rope around them with the whole concept.

Make the pots that your kids will love and glad to watch by sticking their eyes on them and plug the plastic bottle into your nose.

If you have old carts you do not use anymore, this will be an ideal plant planting solution.

Buy a small transparent bowl that looks like a fish tank and if you want a more elegant garden, plant your flowers in them.

If you have cups that you do not need or have to do, they can still serve as a baskets for seedlings, and when the plant starts looking for more places, switch it to a larger potter. You can do the same with eggshells.

If you have decided that your garden is spices or vegetables, write the names of plants on the pottery – so you will always know where it is.

The whole effort will pay you as soon as your garden is blown. From the improvement of the immune system to the excellent opportunity to frustrate anger or frustration in a safe and productive way, day-to-day gardening can have a surprisingly positive effect on our physical and mental health.

In addition to being a fun and effective form of exercise, one of the best natural forms of therapy has also been proven.

The advantages of gardening are innumerable, but we chose the best ones that might motivate you to start work in the garden with the advent of warmer days:

Relieving stress
In a survey conducted two groups of students were tasked to read indoors for indoor or outdoor reading after thirty minutes of work. The group that read in the garden had lower levels of cortisol – a stress hormone than those who read in.

Power of flowers
In our increasingly urban and world-full of technology, being surrounded by flowers is a natural way of moderating mood. Studies have shown that greening helps people relax, have a direct impact on happiness, and long-term positive effects on mood.

Immune system
While you are outdoors and enjoying the sun, you will also ask for a lot of vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium essential to solid bones and a strong immune system.

Having a living thing to be worried about is a response useful to people suffering from mental health problems, because it gives them the purpose and sense of value.

Three to four hours in the garden can burn the same number of calories as an hour in the gym! This will help release endorphins – a hormone of happiness, which makes people happy and relaxed.

Natural therapy
When your mind is focused on tasks in the garden – whether you are planting, chopping or watering – you will not worry about the bills, work, and everyday stress.

Beat anger and aggression
The therapeutic power of gardening allows us to get rid of anger. A bad day at work? Catch the shovel and dig. Or better yet, pick up garden scissors and edit the hedgehog. Garden renovation is associated with restoration and growth – if you do not cut off the plants, the overflowing space and keep them in order!

Guide to Profitable Free Shipping

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Free shipping. These two words act on store visitors as an inspiration to buy.

But before using this method of attracting new customers, consider whether you will incur losses, and think about which delivery strategy is best for your business. We will help to deal with all the nuances.

When you can offer free shipping
Online stores offering free shipping are preferred by 84% of shoppers . And 46% of buyers are ready to make an order for a slightly larger amount, if you do not have to pay for shipping. After such statistics, it seems that your store needs to make delivery free. Do not hurry.

Do not offer free shipping just because buyers want it, or because you are looking to increase sales.

First, carefully calculate everything, taking into account the following factors:

Profit. If you have a large assortment and you get different profits from different products, do not rush to offer free shipping on everything.
Product. Shipping cost varies depending on the weight and dimensions of the goods. The heavier and larger the product, the more expensive its delivery, and therefore the more restrictions on delivery you will have to set.
Average order amount. It is advantageous to offer free shipping only when reaching a certain amount of the order, which, of course, is more than the average order amount in the store. Further in the article we will tell how to calculate the threshold amount of the order for free delivery.
Shipping geography. If you deliver goods worldwide, remove free shipping for overseas buyers, or at least set a minimum order amount for free shipping.
6 free shipping options
Options can be applied individually or combined.

Free shipping for any product.
This option is suitable if:

All your products are light and small : jewelry, T-shirts, accessories. Their delivery will cost you cheap, but customers will increase.
Your business is characterized by a large number of repeat sales . Then you can increase the conversion in the online store due to free shipping and at a loss. If there are a lot of regular customers, then it is not necessary to spend money on their attraction. In such a long term, free shipping will be beneficial.
Or, you can only pay shipping to new customers to encourage them to make their first purchase.

Minimum order amount for free shipping
With this technique, you can increase the average order amount in the store. Let’s calculate the minimum order amount for free shipping.

Initial data:
Number of orders – 10
Average order amount – 400 rubles
Profit from order – 25%
Average delivery cost per order – 100 rubles


Income 10 x 400 = 4000
Gross profit 4000 x 25/100 = 1000
Shipping Costs 10 x 100 = 1000
Net profit 1000 – 1000 = 0
It turns out, you will go to zero if you make free shipping for an order of 400 rubles. To net profit was, for example, 1000 rubles, gross profit must be equal to 2000 rubles. Consequently, the income should be 2000/25 x 100 = 8000 rubles, and the minimum order amount – 8000/10 = 800 rubles.

Make the same calculation for your business and determine the amount of the order, above which you can offer free shipping.

Free shipping for selected items
Use this tactic to push buyers to purchase:

slow-moving goods , for example, sneakers not the most popular color. This is a good way to get rid of stale residues.
the most popular group of goods (delivery of which does not require significant costs). This will attract to you and push for the purchase of an even greater number of buyers (who will also pay attention to related products). But if all the goods are about the same demand, this option will not work.
You can also offer free shipping for the purchase of a combination of goods (for example, running shoes + 2 pairs of sports socks), thereby pushing customers to spend more.

Free delivery to selected destinations
Tactics work well to attract customers from a region where you have few sales. You can enter into a partnership with any transport company and send products to regions to which your competitors do not deliver goods, thereby occupying an empty niche.You can also offer free shipping for example. Or just in some nearby cities. This will not tear up the minimum amount of delivery, but it does not work at a loss.

Club program
Buyers pay a small fee for the membership in the club of your store, and you offer them free shipping and perhaps some other special conditions.

From time to time, hold promotions and give free club membership to non-involved customers in order to attract more members to the program. When they appreciate the delights of a special relationship, they probably will not want to abandon it.

See also: How to choose a loyalty program for online store customers

Free shipping included in the cost of goods
Yes, this is not exactly free shipping, but a tactic that works: raise prices by 5-10% to offset shipping costs. The game is worth the candle, because the label “Free Shipping” will increase the flow of visitors to your store.

Such a strategy will be effective in a low-competitive niche. But even if there are many products on the market that are similar to yours, it is worth testing the way. Especially if competitors already offer free shipping.

Era of crafts

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Era of Crafts

Originally, the tools of the craft were simple, but gradually each subject developed its own special tools. Carpenters and carpenters were given axes, spades, planes and voices for special tasks. Similarly, other craftsmanship, carpenters, tanners and smiths were also keen to develop and manufacture their own tools that could ease individual production processes as a rule inspired by their impression of turning the roll. Therefore, Hand tools could be expensive especially before the machines were introduced. Normally, the individual craftsman even owned his tool that could inherit from father to son.Later, machines were used, including mechanical aids. During the fierce competition around 1900 between industry and crafts, the craft provided special state resources available for mechanization: purchases of electric or gas engines as well as small machines for eg joinery, sewing machines for shoemakers or bakers’ kneading machines. Several craft industries also joined special purchasing associations to reduce material costs. During these years, so-called crafts banks were also created to facilitate the credit facilities of the profession and thus the competitive situation. A craftsman is characterized by having taken a professional education. During his studies he is in learning, which is combined with the theory of schooling and practice in an apprenticeship. When the apprenticeship is completed, he receives a letter of resignation and can then call a friend.Typical crafts subjects are often referred to as hard subjects because they use their physics to perform the work. These subjects are, for example, carpenters, plumbing, masonry, forging and automotive mechanics. But also softer subjects such as Soothes, cosmetics and hairdressers are craft professionals – like office as a graphic designer and IT supporter. In food, you will also find craftsmen like cooks, bakers and butchers.There are also unbelievably many niches and specialties in the field of crafts. Especially carpenters and carpentry professionals who are characterized by specialists such as furniture shutters, piano shutters and shipbuilders.

Craftsmen create unique objects. It is about precision and customization. They work with passion and strive for perfection of their work. It is about ultimate professional discipline, learned in practice (knowledge and skills and development). Not only from the books, but also knowledge based on insight and experience gained during the practice of the course.Craftsmen deliver tailor-made solutions. They are able to integrate creative, new applications into their profession. Creativity and originality characterize the work. Based on their professional knowledge, they determine what is necessary to get the best result and carry out the work independently.Craftsmen are enterprising and capable of operating independently. They keep balance between perfection and the continuity of their business. Collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship are important skills for a sustainable company.

In most definitions the word craft is described as handicraft or work in which a product is manufactured by a craftsman. The skills of the craftsman are central to craft. Craft is the whole of skills that are taught to be able to practice a particular profession. In the distant past one learned a craft from a guild master. This guild master taught the pupil how certain activities had to be carried out. Raw materials were processed into finished products.Even today, raw materials are processed into finished products. However, the industry has taken over a lot of crafts. As a result, many old professions have disappeared. For example, woodworking and metalworking is largely done mechanically. In the craft of today also use is made of mechanization and automation. This may include, for example, electrical tools that are used in the manufacture of certain products. For example, a shoemaker can use a machine to sew a sole. Crafts change and the skills of the craftsman also change. Through craft and industry, products are manufactured and produced. However, craft differs from industry. In the industry, products are made in large series. many production processes are fully automated. As a result, there is hardly any more craft. The factory production of products is not called a craft. An important characteristic of craft is the manual work.Crafts can be subdivided. The main focus is on the history of crafts and the applicability of crafts in the present tense. The subdivision therefore consists of: museum crafts and contemporary crafts. Below are a number of examples that clarify this subdivision.

But what is craft actually? When seeing so many different objects, that question becomes relevant. The word craft has many connotations, from historicizing old-fashioned to hipster modern – from traditionally brewed beer and baked bread, to the hairdresser who becomes barber. Craft, are hands that work faster than the head, just as a pianist plays his runs faster than his mind can keep up. But, craft is much more: anyone who does something passionate is actually a craftsman, so also the ICT specialist and the office worker. With this he gives the concept a new future, but at the same time he makes it very vague. It is possible that this blurring for is even greater because English craft can mean both craftsmanship and craftsmanship. Craft, handicraft that needs to be learned. Craftsmanship, thorough mastery of a profession. Craft may be craftsmanship, but craftsmanship is not always craft.The compilers may have used this broadening of meaning to avoid having to get bogged down in nostalgic flogging, but it was not necessary. After all, ‘craft’ no longer refers to good-old-time and retro-architecture, but also refers to 3D printing and robots. The most important characteristic of traditional building is reducing or completely eliminating the distance between design and execution, and making new architecture from these non-industrial streamlined building methods. It is therefore remarkable that modern forms of craft have not been given a place.Craft not as a sauce of conviviality and so-called world improvement by coffee shops, beer breweries and bakers who still use the energy, transport, water and waste from the industrial city. But craft as a fundamentally different attitude to designing and building. A process in which design and output run in close relationship.


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Nepal is an amazing country dominated by even more amazing Himalayas. These are the biggest attractions that attract crowds of tourists every year (in the year 2016 a total of 730 thousand). Everyone is looking forward to snowy silhouettes of eighty-three, virgin nature and clean air. But there is a long way to the mountains, but most of the people still reach the Kathmandu, which is not the most prestigious city on Earth. The reality was a bit different from what we read on the internet and from what the pictures all share. So I’ve put few major things for you that are good to count on and prepare for before arriving in Nepal. I definitely do not want to discourage you with some points, just to minimize the cultural shock and in particular to encourage you to more responsible tourism. Here are some general tips on Nepal (mainly cities),

Cache and pass photos with you

The first thing you will deal with after arriving in Nepal will be entry visas. To these you have to fill in a one-page form, attach two passport photographs and step into a long queue. You can fill in this form and take pictures digitally on the available machines, but they take five times longer while the queue is multiplied. In any case, be aware that you are stuck at least for an hour due to airport visas. To get a visa, you have to pay for it and only in cash. You can pay in most major world currencies (but prefer dollars, euros or pounds). A 15-day visa will cost you $ 25, $ 30 for $ 40 and $ 90 for $ 100. You will also need passport photos for treasure clearance, eventual purchase of a SIM card, and many other permits and extensions. Either get them out of the house (at least 5) or you can get them without a problem in Nepal in any tourist district, so no stress. Just keep them at the right moment.

It’s really a poor country

And much more than we expected. We have already been in several developing countries, so we definitely did not expect Western luxury and knew it would be a strength. But what we saw in Nepal was still deep, well below. Nepal has long been among the least developed countries by the Human Development Index ( HDI)), where it now stands on the 144th floor of 188 countries (India and Bangladesh are now better off). A third of the Nepalese lives below the poverty line (surviving less than $ 1.25 a day), unemployment is crazy 42 percent, and the population is growing steadily by 400,000 more hungry necks each year. Child mortality is one of the highest in the world, five or less every thirtieth child, two and a half million people have no access to drinking water, and 34 percent of the population is illiterate. Just a huge school and a mirror for all the visitors from the developed countries.

Air that can not be breathed

That there is something wrong with Nepal in the air. It was clear, but nothing was visible below us. Only yellow milk and the Himalayas shields from it. Normally, when you’re landing in a different country, everything will get clean after climbing through the cloud. Here, however, the foggy haze flooded until the aircraft landed on the runway. It was only there that we realized that this haze was not foggy. The capital city of Kathmandu has climbed to the 7th highest rank in the world’s most polluted cities during the past decade , which is worse than China’s Beijing. And it’s a serious massacre. He can not breathe here. Most people wear a respiratory mask, which was the first thing we bought in Nepal. But even so, you hear everyone around you totally brutally screaming and coughing (often blood), and it is recommended to tourists not to stay in Kathmandu for more than five days, otherwise there is a risk of respiratory infections. Why is it so terrible? It’s all sort of a thing together: growing transportation and exhaust gases (no emissions of course), dilution of fuels with various chemical shit, burning garbage on the streets, dusty roads and rapidly moving people from all corners of Nepal to his capital, he is hardly able to. But the worst is the haze, the yellow fog that can not be seen, or what everyone is doing – the mountains.Although it was a shock..

Do not drink water from the tap

You may also know this from other developing countries where drinking water from the tap is not recommended. But it should be banned in Nepal. Water, which is commonly referred to as drinking water, is often very polluted. Chemicals, industrial waste, sewage, transport, dust, fertilizers, pesticides all have the effect that water is so bad that a huge amount of (not only) newborn dies to dehydration in the aftermath of diarrhea after drinking that water. Do not worry – just drink water that is filtered, sealed, or as we do all the purifying tablets (much better than contaminating Nepal with other piles of plastic bottles). Beware also of ice in restaurants and everything that contaminated water could touch – cut fruits and vegetables or washed glasses and dishes that are always better wiped with a napkin. Clean your teeth only with your own safe water and opening the mouth in the shower should also be taboo.
Electricity that works only occasionally

Finding the plug and having the right Adapter in Nepal does not mean you recharge your camera or phone. Electricity here works only sometimes. In 2016 power cuts and blackouts were 86 hours a week, which is about 13 hours a day, and even 15 in the winter. The failures are not accidental; the power supply is regulated by the NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) schedule blackout hours posted on your site. I ordered coffee once, and if nothing happened after 20 minutes, I went to ask if they had forgotten us. They did not forget, but it’s power cut and so the coffee maker does not get a waiter on me. The Nepalese will do everything to avoid any conflict or annoying things, so we would probably have been waiting there for two hours . Most tourist spots and hotels have some backup resources that will allow them to work, but you can absolutely rely on electricity at all times. In the mountains, the electricity is switched on only a few hours after 17:00 in the evening. The external battery is therefore absolutely necessary.

Kathmandu is still full of beautiful temples (even after the earthquake!)

When I learned about a devastating earthquake in April 2015, which compared the country with hundreds of lush homes and extraordinary monuments, devastated a terrible infrastructure and killed 9,000 people, I had a very similar feeling to September 11, 2001. It was just terribly unreal. Nepal has always been one of our dream destinations. We were so excited to see all those beautiful temples and palaces live. And they are not there anymore. From the media, it was even more tragic than the survival of the monuments, which was, in fact, deterred by many travelers and tourists. Which is the last thing Nepal needed after such a tragedy – to lose this absolutely vital economic supply. We also thought that Kathmandu ALL had fallen and only a bunch of bricks were left there. It is not true at all, and despite the huge losses, the BUILDING of amazing rare buildings has survived or is already repaired. Patan’s Durbar Square, Stupas Boudha and Swayambhu, Bhaktapur and Pashupatinath – we were everywhere and we strongly recommend visiting all these places. Sure, many buildings are collapsed, but what’s left is still completely unique and full of dark magical atmosphere. Just think the admission is pretty greasy, the tourists here in this paddle just liken and Sri Lanka .

Instead of garbage incinerators

Tourists are often, like us, utterly shocked by the amount of waste that is rolling everywhere in Nepal. On roads, along roads, in front of houses, in rivers, forests and mountains. Everest’s most popular base camp even takes a special cleansing expedition, down to an incredible 8000kg! garbage, which is the entire trek lined. Tourists from developed countries are used to being cleaned for the time, garbage will be picked up and taken to a place where they will either be recycled, stored or sent to India, China and southwest Asia. Out of sight, out of mind.

Watch ATMs

ATMs in Nepal are also a chapter for themselves. Wherever we have been, we have never had a problem with ATM ATMs, and it has always been the best option. But it is not so easy in Nepal. It has several hooks. First, electricity has to be driven secondly ATMs are often robbed by tourists, so it is a good idea to find one that is policed ​​by a policeman (in tourist places almost everywhere). Third, half of the machines have a very limited selection limit; fourthly.


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Beauty tips, we have all. But are we sure they are good? We try to get back on track with 11 make-up and bulk care tips. Beware, for those who would be lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these easy tips could become your subsistence. For those who already know them, bravo (you could have told us, anyway). For others, these beauty tips will amaze you.

1. Apply care from the bottom to the top
Yes ladies , when applying her moisturizer , the best is to avoid pushing the face down (it is already doing very well alone). It’s a question of weightlessness. Then we start from the neck to go up to the forehead, and from the center of the face up cheekbones. Push-up effect guaranteed. A small step for us, a big step to challenge the laws of gravity. And of course, before applying his care, one chooses it well.

2. Leave your face moisturizer away from the eye area
When applying the cream, care should be taken to avoid the entire area around the eye. Why ? Because our moisturizing care is too heavy in water for this fragile area. The skin of the contour is so fine that it absorbs everything, in too great a quantity. And who says too much water, says skin that swells, says appearance of pockets. It is for this reason that there is care specifically adapted to this area.

3. Eliminate excess sebum
To eliminate sebum, there is no secret: a good cleansing of the skin. For this, arm yourself with a purifying cleanser! Also, to take good care of your skin (this, even if it is fat), chain with hydration: a crucial step because it allows precisely to regulate the production of sebum.

4. To avoid dark circles, consider the circulation of blood
We agree, it is customary to apply its eye contour care by massaging the eyes from the inside to the outside Serious mistake, if you want to be effective on a ringor a morning pocket, it is better to respect the lymphatic routes. Indeed, these nasty problems are the result of poor blood circulation, and not following the right path to stimulate the energy of the eye area is more or less to do nothing. And we, overworked women, really do not need that. So now, with the pulp of the index finger, we perform a mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin by small pressure in circular movements (and not by stretching to not wrinkle the skin and facilitate the appearance of wrinkles), a ten times from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Then we do the same thing all around the orbit.

5. The peel to make a new skin
The peeling, you know? This is a technique of “peeling” the skin. Yes, you read correctly ! The peel burns a fine part of the skin with acid in order to renew the upper layers of the epidermis. Obviously, this technique is exclusively practiced by specialists. Allowing the removal of many of our small “imperfections”, the peel is also ideal for getting rid of wrinkles. A somewhat miraculous technique.

6. Another beauty tip? Apply your foundation with your hands
Fluid foundation or tinted cream, same fight: stop with brushes, we go with the fingers. Why ? Because the hands are “hot” and allow the molecules of the product to work together. The material is ideally warmed, it melts better on the skin and the effect is much more natural. Of course, you do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

7. Add a drop of serum into the foundation
Foundation always, to make it more fluid, give it a more natural look and give us a nice face, we add a drop of serum in the palm of his hand before applying it. Goodbye effect plaster and too makeup

When one is tired, one avoids trying to hide it by forcing on the foundation. It only mummifies the face even more. So we calm the game instead by applying a drop of fluid foundation only on the axis of the face (we create a vertical line from the forehead to the chin) before stretching everything outward.

7. Apply its concealer properly
Rule # 1: Go soft. Why ? Because the concealer is more of an illuminator than a real camouflage tool. He plays with light to create a kind of optical effect but his power is limited. When you really have dark circles under the eyes, better go to sleep. The concealer will do nothing.
Rule # 2: To put it down, you tap with your finger to avoid finding yourself with a big trace and new folds under the eye. It is applied “in triangle” starting with small dots of the inner corner of the eye, going straight down to the level of the bottom of the nose and going up diagonally towards the outer corner of the eye. It spreads without leaving the triangle and avoiding too close to the root of the eyelashes.

9. To wake up, think of the flesh pencil
After a night of madness, to arrive fresh at the office, apply a pencil line flesh inside the eye before fading slightly on the eyelids to clear small redness (shame). Whiplash for the eyes.

10. Exfoliate his lips
When we talk about exfoliating, we do not talk about taking pumice out. You should know that the skin of the lips is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. An ultra sensitive area therefore, which we must take very great care. To make it very soft, it is necessary to rid it of its dead skins (from time to time), and to hydrate it intensely (all the time). So we give ourselves a little massage with specific gentle scrubs (a little honey and sugar it works too), and we can enjoy the night to offer a mask with ultra-moisturizing balm, nourishing, plumping .. To wake up with pink baby lips.

11. To remove imperfections, store your fingers
You will tell me, “how to remove without touching?”. That’s right, blackheads , small buttons … are not the most beautiful effect on our face. But back naughty nails and other comedones! Better not to touch it and treat them gently. Why ? Because piercing them would only slow down their disappearance. This is the best way to aggravate the infection and end up with a nasty brand. Basically it’s like waking up a dormant volcano. We will avoid, and instead work to find the right astringent lotion (the top to tighten the pores, dry imperfections and unify the complexion), remove makeup and clean gently morning and evening, and wait a little. Let’s avoid making our skin an enemy,

12. To breathe
Sleeping to have a more beautiful skin, we knew it. But playing sports, is not it paradoxical? Not that much … Just because sweat is evacuate stress as well as all the toxins that clog and tire our body through the pores of the skin. To make it simple, by boosting perspiration, the skin “self-cleans” and removes impurities and dead cells, while improving the microcirculation for better irrigation and better nutrition of skin tissues. The skin is better hydrated, more supple, clearer, smoother, sharper … all in all. In addition it is valid for the whole body. For lazy people, take a ride to the steam room or sauna from time to time, and you’re done.
The best recipe: 40 minutes of running (at the supermarket that does not count) + a hammam of fifteen minutes. Not to mention to drink a lot.


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Where is the best food in the world? Here I have done everything to narrow the search and find popular cities in the world. Whether they specialize in traditional recipes or experimental cooking methods, these cities stand out above the rest for their unique creations and beloved contributions to the culinary world.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
The distinctive cuisine of New Orleans is inspired by the rich heritage of the city. The melting pot with unique flavors of the city takes notes from native Americans, French settlers, Africans, South American culture and Caribbean, Creole and Cajun spices. Four distinct dishes are Po-Boy, an overcrowded sandwich of fried shrimp, oysters, catfish, soft shell crab or roasted beef stiffened in a sauce and served on French bread; gumbo, goulash of West African vegetables as okra all served over rice; jambalaya, a spicy mixture of Cajun or creole marine animals, meat, vegetables and rice; and a peony dangling squares of deep-fried dough dusted with powdered sugar.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo has more than 220 Michelin-star restaurants, most of any city in the world. Mixing generations – old techniques with extremely modern styles, chefs in Tokyo are experts in mixing old and new to making world-class meals. From the dishes from the stove to the modest noodle shops to the high-end, valuable sushi, the quality passes through all the Tokyo prices. Another reason Tokyo food is so great is the city’s determination to use the freshest, most seasonal vegetables. For your benefit, the city is in a country that produces fantastic raw materials throughout the year.

Lyon, France
Paris is distinguished by attracting tourists to a selection of fine French cuisine, but it is Lyon, which was internationally recognized as one of the best dining cities. Outstanding regional cuisine and products surround the city from nearby Charolais, Savoy, Dombes and other localities, and high-quality wines come from neighboring Beaujolais and the Rhone Valley. The kitchen is defined by its simplicity and its rich, heavy properties. corks , family bistro, which have become an integral part of the dining scene in Lyon, are known for their typical home cooking, atmosphere and decoration.

San Sebastian, Spain
Pintxos , a style of eating similar to tapas , rules of northern Spain. Traditionally, pintxos are small snacks served on skewers that are consumed with drinks in a social atmosphere but are not shared as tapas. In San Sebastian chefs, they started experimenting with pintxos, and instead of choosing customers from easy-prepared options in the bar, chefs prepare dishes for order. This new way of eating pintxos means that each dish is freshly and extravagantly made as a small gourmet meal. The city is generally known for its high-quality daily diet and is one of the best places to order fresh seafood.

Marrakech, Morocco
Jemaa el-Fna in Marrakech is a typical square of the city, but in the evening, space changes into an atmosphere similar to the festival. On the ground floor there are potters, wizards and tarot card readers, and after several hours the food stalls take their place and the scent of fresh street food will fill the moonlight. Meals such as Shiite kebabs, mechoui (slowly roasted lambs), fried aubergines and couscous are popular and cheap from dining stalls. Large barrels filled with spices, such as saffron and turmeric, and huge bowls of accumulated olives, are colorful giants that are standard monuments in the Marrakech markets. Outside of the city walls, far from the rush of markets, you will find excellent restaurants in extravagant restaurants where visitors can try traditional Moroccan tagine.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Louisville is becoming a new epicenter for food lovers in the United States. The city is on the rise and its culinary scene has evolved rapidly to include good food in both casual and classical facilities. Hamburger going out has become a gourmet experience and southern cuisine has been shaped into a culinary experience by combining traditional recipes with unique ingredients that emphasize fresh, seasonal and local produce. These high-quality restaurants are unbeatable and affordable and indicate the beginning of developing culinary capital that deviates completely from the famous fast food chain in Kentucky.

Georgetown, Malaysia
As the capital city of Penang, Malaysia, Georgetown is home to some of the best street food in the world, or a hawker meal that local people call. Many retailers use the same recipes that have been used for generations with indications of Chinese and Indian mergers. The most famous meal is called car koay teow , and it is made of flat rice noodles mixed with shrimps, cocktails, mixed egg, bean sprouts, fish cake strips, and chili paste.

Florence, Italy
Florence is known worldwide for its art, history, architecture, fashion and its distinctive cuisine. Rustic food has not changed in the course of years, and has come from ancient civilizations. The peculiarities of thick crunchy, unleavened bread and dried pasta evolved from the traditions of simple peasant food. Today the same dishes are prepared for delicious food. Florence is rich in fantastic local products such as world-class olive oil, light cheeses and grilled meat. Favorite dishes are thick, hearty soups, chianti wine and a toasted or wine-stewed game like boar, deer and rabbit.

London, United Kingdom
The capital city explodes with new restaurants, each of which is far more elegant and finer than last. No selected kitchen style has demanded attention, but the rather changing mentality of Londoners is looking for unique experiences and high quality unusual ingredients. The latest hotspot is constantly changing and pop-ups make it even more difficult to watch the best meals. From molecular gastronomy to fast food and roof bars to labyrinths, they hold food on their fingers in the culinary london culture.

Santiago de Chile
Santiago’s chefs have gained worldwide attention for their purely Chilean cuisine. Offers include hyper-seasonal and rare, local ingredients that make use of all Chile’s offers. Some fine examples of Chilean dishes are cloves that are stewed in a traditional sauce of chisel and tomatoes, tomatoes and pepper pebbles (Chilean salsa) and stewed beef goulash. Leche asada , a roast cream dessert with caramel sauce is the tasty end of every meal.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Food is a serious interest in the Scandinavian culinary capital, the city with one of the best-rated restaurants in the world, Noma. Many city restaurants fill their reservations several months in advance, but the meal does not take weeks to plan. A variety of diners can enjoy delicious food, such as Copenhagen Smrerbrød , sandwiches with an open face full of fish, meat or vegetables, or Danish hot dogs from Harry’s Square, a humble hot dog shop that local people have chosen as the best restaurant in the city. Copenhagen is famous for its fearless experiments with food, unconventional ingredients, and artistic expressions.

San Diego, California, USA
In a typical Southern Californian style, San Diego has an exciting but relaxed atmosphere that goes into your kitchen. Although LA and San Francisco are better known destinations in California, San Diego gains traction as one of the best in the country with more and more local restaurants serving Mexican and Seafood dishes. The city has a large number of farms that make a farm on the table a clear choice. Baja cuisine-lively and delicious dishes with fresh seafood, chiles, tomatoes and citrus from Mexico south of California – is especially popular.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
This lively city is famous for its excellent street food, the atmosphere of excellent restaurants and everything in between. When France colonized Ho Chi Minh City, a combination of French styles and Vietnamese flavor led to a delicious creation – my banu . The word means only “bread” in Vietnam, but strangers know it as a sandwich served on French bread and made from meat-fried or roasted pork bellies, grilled chicken or Vietnamese sausages, cucumber slices, coriander, carrots and other vegetables. Other traditional meals include pho , noodle soup with meat and vegetables; op la la , eggs prepared with slices of meat and onion; and ribbon, tomato and crab broth with noodles and meat or tofu.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires was known to serve only cheap steaks, pizza and pasta, but has recently become the main food and drink. Still you will find abundant beef and Salt and Patagonian wine, but a new generation of loving food has taken over these traditional dishes. Porteños , people who live in Buenos Aires, know their street food. The bowl usually found at street food retailers is choripan: a split chorizo ​​sausage sandwich with a chimichurri sauce top . Empanadas filled with meat or vegetables are another beloved drink.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada and the region has some of the best farmland with the longest growing climate. In Vancouver, farm and table food was improved before the food industry took over. The city has become a tremendous force in a grocery truck store with popular trucks selling tacos, Indian cuisine, and even egg-based meals. Vancouver is also a great destination for authentic Asian restaurants and sustainable seafood. With such a great focus on sustainability and local dining, Vancouver effortlessly attracted great chefs on their shores.

Bologna, Italy
Spaghetti with meat sauce today may not seem like a radical dish, but Bologna is the place where traditional Bologna began. True food is actually served with flat tagliatelle pasta, not spaghetti. The city is also known for its tortellini served in a warm, rich broth, and mortadella , the famous wide sausage of the city.

Black Friday and Online Shopping

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Black Friday is no longer just an issue for the electronics industry. In recent years, the rest of the trade has begun with campaigns last Friday in November.

A black Friday at the end of November as a buying day may sound strange. The phenomenon comes from the beginning of the United States, where the day is a tribute to Americans’ Thanksgiving, which always commences on the fourth Thursday of November. The squad is the biggest shopping day in the United States and the start of the American Christmas trade. In recent years,

Electronics and clothing are the ones that are the most from foreign sites. If customers start shopping cheaply from a player abroad on Black Friday and are pleased with that, chances are that you’ll continue with it . It’s just the two industries that depend on the international trend. The fact that Black Friday has become a major first with consumer electronics dealers also has another explanation.The electronics industry is in a tough competition situation, with one fifth of the sales being done online and a majority of purchases begin in a digital channel. It is also the industry that communicates the most.In recent years, the clothing and shoe retailers have also hit Black Friday there is a trend that will last forever this year.
I absolutely believe that more will hang on and have promotions on Black Friday. If competitors have offers, you have to have it yourself too.
The fact that Black Friday occurs as soon as Christmas is a problem for the merchants.When there are so many praises, the consumer habits change the expectations of the consumer and do not want to trade at the regular price. The risk is that people will trade their Christmas presents on the go.

In the extended weekend, from Thursday to Monday, holiday shopping plans over 70 percent
US consumers plan to go to traditional stores during the weekend, and 91 per cent. look for opportunities online. Among the fans of traditional shopping on Black Friday up to 72 percent. plans to go to the stores before 9 am.Black Friday is traditionally a day of discounts and rebates, which is considered an unofficial opening of the holiday season.

Many online stores, however, are preparing special occasions just a few days before Black Friday, although the day of discounts dedicated to online sales is only Monday, called Cyber ??Monday (Cyber ??Monday). This year, 63 per cent were planning to use the previous opportunities.

According to data from Adobe Analytics Data quoted by the CNN Business portal, from Wednesday to Thursday until 5:00 pm Eastern time, electronic sales amounted to USD 4.15 billion, exceeding the value from the same period last year.

All weekend internet sales. Online purchases are planned by almost three-quarters of Americans this day, and their average expenses are expected to be the biggest on that day. Last year, Monday’s sales in the network amounted to 6.6 billion dollars.

According to CNN Business, the Black Friday tradition probably originated in Philadelphia and dates back to the 1950s. Philadelphia was the first to promote shopping day after Thanksgiving with discounts and Christmas decorations, attracting suburban residents to the city.

Black Friday is traditionally a day of discounts and rebates.Contrary to popular theory about the origin of the name Black Friday on the color of ink used by sellers, the term was forged. Soon, the names Black Friday were used by the merchants themselves to describe the queues and shopping madness forming in front of their stores. In the early 1960s, in order to get rid of negative connotations, attempts were made to rename Black Friday on Big Friday (big Friday), but the name was not accepted, and the sellers managed to make the “black Friday” marketing gimmick anyway.

In 2003, the largest retail chains, Kmart, Walmart and Sears, extended their sales day for the first time, opening their stores at 5 or 6 am. At that time Black Friday became the most profitable day of the year for the industry; earlier were the last days of December. In 2011, Walmart began opening supermarkets on Thursday evening.

With the development of the Internet in 2005 The madness of Black Friday also dominates the world of bitcoin. Special offers can be viewed on the Bitcoin Black Friday website, Meanwhile, in Canada the moods in the e-commerce industry spoil the postal workers’ rotation lasting for a month. A few days ago, eBay appealed for government intervention. On Thursday, eBay reported that smaller resellers using its platform are being pushed out of the market by larger alternative service providers that can afford services.

Also on Thursday, in view of the deadlock in nearly a year of negotiations between the Canada Post management and the trade union of postal workers, the federal government submitted a special bill forcing workers to return to work to the lower house of parliament. Black Friday also has its dark side: increased risk of fraud. According to the ACI Worldwide online payment operator’s forecast published this week, the number of fraud attempts in retail (both traditional and online) may increase by 14% this year, and their total value by 17%.

The British Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA) announced on Thursday that from April it will introduce price limits for RTV and household appliances purchased in installments. The decision is dictated, among others unfair ‘black-Friday’ practices observed on the market. An example of an offer to buy a 500-pound washing machine, the total “occasional”price in the installment system it would have amounted to 1,600 pounds.

Security of data of people shopping online is also a concern. On Wednesday, the American e-commerce giant, Amazon, admitted to the Black Friday spill of personal data (names and e-mail addresses) of some customers. The case, as one of the victims, was written in a Thursday article by a contributor to the Forbes magazine. The company claims that it was not a hacker attack, but only a “technical error” that has already been fixed.

Children and Toys

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Playing is good, is good for the hearts of adults and children, helps the child to grow up peaceful and is very important to create a strong bond between him and the adults of reference. Going to the park, playing football together, chasing each other, playing hide and seek, rolling together on the Latvian, is really important, as well as fun, but also playing with dolls or toy soldiers, pushing cars in endless rallies or playing fairies save the world by inventing ever new stories!

Sometimes, however, adults are too grown up and too serious, and they no longer remember how to play with a child inventing new and always fun games, sometimes it is difficult to start playing on all fours on the carpet giving life to unnamed puppets in improbable adventures without head or tail. But the game is not lost when you have a child to care for.

So what to do? Since undergoing long play sessions with your child is really impossible to avoid (and I’m sure that very few parents want to avoid it) you have to remember what it was like when we were kids and you have to find some formulas that make the game easier for we are more engaging for the child and still more beautiful for both.

Have you ever thought about using fairy tales to give life to your games?
I do not speak of fairy tales told: telling a story involves a single actor (the parent who narrates) in front of one or more spectators (the children who listen) and, although it is also a very important activity in the development of the child, can assimilate to the game. The game is movement, it is fantasy, it is giving life to a world in which to travel and, when necessary, subvert all the rules. In the game the child is an active part, creates and decides and then maybe destroy and start over. In the game the child can not really sit still and listen.

So why not take a doll and turn it into a little red riding hood that goes into the woods while dad plays the bad wolf or the hunter? Why not tell the fairy tale oftin soldier and then use toy soldiers to put the story together? Every fairy tale becomes a canvas to start the imagination and to explore different and always new worlds together with our children and their toys. Each story told can be lived together faithfully following the tracks or changing the ending, without rules to follow that harness the child’s imagination.

From this point of view, we started to collect the fairy tales we love the most to give new life to toys, to transform a doll into a prince or a cat in a powerful sorceress. From this effort a variegated set of fairy tales coming from different origins is coming out, all for children. Take the time to read the tale of the Griffon Bird or the elf of the shoemaker , play with your children to play the musicians of Bremen , Snow White or the cat Mammon or discover with them the legend of the deluge of Ghilgamesh or theLegend of the rabbit on the moon and play with Noah’s Ark differently than usual That the child can understand the reality that surrounds him depends largely on his logical thinking. His relationship with the world and his ability to solve problems are combined with this capacity that is learned gradually. Today we give you the keys to enhance the logical thinking of the child.Logical thinking helps the child to have critical thinking to develop his point of view , make decisions , understand the logic of the world , relate , generalize or apply rules and understand the laws of logic such as union or inclusion .The principles of logic are established before the language , are generated through the sensorial and motor activities of the baby in the interaction and interrelation with the environment . This is why it is essential to strengthen its development from an early age.

Children must play, manipulate objects, develop their creativity and reflect on the suggested unknowns. The logic games stimulate rational thinking with the ability to focus and visual observation. In this way the child begins to discover the similarities and differences between the elements that surround it.
These experiences at an early age, enhance the development of the ability to understand and resolve, stimulate their spirit of competition and stimulate the search for imaginative solutions. In addition, the child who plays and has fun, exercising their sense of logic from an early age, opens their mind and gets a different perspective of life, in which problems are transformed into challenges.
Puzzle logic games The puzzle is one of the most classic games that exist, but at the same time, essential for children to learn to focus on an object and recognize and assimilate the characteristics of an object using the view. It’s an ideal option for kids to start squeezing their minds in a fun way. Moreover, through the progressive development of their logical thinking, the children begin to order their thoughts, express them clearly and make truthful interpretations and deductions.

Visual strategy games , another fun way for children to develop their skills to imagine an object, with a certain shape, size, proportions and movements.Moreover, while playing, the child enhances his critical thinking, learning to analyze, understand and evaluate the way in which the organization of knowledge that interprets and represents the world , creating their criteria of truth.Playing the Riddle cube is not a simple pastime, but it implies many advantages for the mental health of the little ones. Playing with him, means preparing the mind to process information in a more logical and fast way, looking for more effective solutions and improving spatial intelligence. In addition, the child analyzes, the different possible situations that can occur every time a card turns, thus exercising the brain in a playful way.

Finally, it is fundamental to understand that for children to be predisposed to learn, they must need to play with their toys so they can achieve future goals easily.

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